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Exposure L.A.

Be a part of something uniquely creative and positive for young adults.

During the summer, we invite a select group of dancers to travel to Los Angeles and provide them with a hardworking week of what it is like to be a dancer in a cut-throat industry.

Throughout the week they are exposed to some of the hottest choreographers and most credible dancers. At the end of the week, they get to watch an outstanding professional performance in Hollywood called The Monsters Show, hosted by Monsters of Hip Hop.

Check back soon for information about applying to our upcoming Exposure L.A. Summer Projects!  Exciting NEW FEATURES are being offered this year for our participants.  Click on the Estimated Cost Sheet, on the right, to find out more about it. 

Dancers will be selected through video submission and applications.    
Application process for Exposure L.A. Summer Projects will be opening soon!

In the past, dancers were selected from a local studio, after fulfilling at least one year of extensive training and progression. Currently, advanced dancers that qualify may be selected to participate in Exposure L.A., and challenge themselves in another way, both physically and emotionally. They will endure either a 6-day or 10-day project dance intensive and travel to several dance studios including Edge Performing Arts Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Studio, and Movement Lifestyle Studio. Participants are given the opportunity to dance alongside aspiring and working dancers, they are also given the experience that helps them mature, become a responsible adult, and tools to train as a working dancer (i.e. from learning how to balance a checkbook to how to build a resume with little or no work experience). Please click on the Estimated Cost Sheet above, for further details.