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Media and Events

March 2013

DREAMSTAR PRODUCTIONS hosts a competition in Davenport Iowa, among many cities, and The Exposure Movement steps behind-the-scenes to evaluate the dancers' performances as they take the stage.  Other regional and national competitions/conventions on our current schedule include Move Productions, VIP Dance, and Talent on Parade.

Dancers auditioned onstage for the Dreamstar Dance Challenge 2013

February 2013

CONGRATULATIONS ST. THOMAS AQUINAS for placing 3RD PLACE in Hip Hop finals at UDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida!!
  Check them out at!

ESPN2 broadcasts St. Thomas Aquinas performing at the Walt Disney World Resort.
Choreography, Staging & Formations, Music-Mixing, and Styling techniques provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc.

January 2013

CONGRATULATIONS SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY for getting 2ND place in HIP HOP and 3rd place in JAZZ at UDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida!!
  Watch the footage on  Congrats also goes out to Colorado University!
November 2012

CNADM 2012- Exposure Movement (Evelyn Rice) returns for the Fall Workshop      

September 2012

EXPOSURE MOVEMENT FLIES back to New Orleans to set new pieces and teach Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballet technique workshops for the surrounding area.  Some of the attendees were Southeastern Louisiana University and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Way to work Ladies!!
  We'll be back this coming November to teach Nationals routine for UDA 2013!  We will also be setting partial choreography on Colorado University.

July/August 2012

AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL COMPANY-  The Exposure Movement teams up with AgencyEA ( and OSIP's Walter Cunningham Jr. on a 3-day event production in Denver, Colorado.  The spectacular stage and sets were custom-built by AgencyEA, as were the lighting production, mag screens, graphics, and more.  Exposure Movement provided the choreography for the ensemble dancers and singers, along with assisting in styling, costumes, and directing!  Celebrity artists that were in attendance included Kelly Clarkson, Remote Kontrol, Steele Sisters, and Big Head Todd.  We were so blessed and fortunate to work with such a crazily talented crew.  Some of the many collaborations of both  AgencyEA and OSIP:   Oprah's Farewell Spectacular,  Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, Harpo Productions "Trip of a lifetime," to name a few.

EXPOSURE L.A.-  keeps growing and growing!  Another amazing week at a place that feels more and more like home, as Hollywood sets as the "City to BE" during the summer.  Getting ready for pilot season, a lot of simmering ideas and opportunities are just underway...our recent graduates are more than prepared to embrace it all!!

First day, just landing at LAX, and off to Nappytabs Dance Studio for a private workshop with "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer, Sonya Tayeh!  Her assistant is none other than Melody Lacayanga, from Season 1, and the dancers are up for an incredible challenge that is overwhelming, and leaves their bodies sore and emotionally drained, which is how we like it!  For the rest of the week, the talent and training never stops, as they go back-to-back-to-back, from one studio to the next, Edge Performing Arts, Debbie Reynold's, Millennium, and Movement Lifestyle.  They take from choreographers that are the creme de la creme and the attitude is the s
ame through it all.  Hungry, with an appetite for anything dance...ballet, contemporary, jazz, breakdance, hip hop, and the fusion of it all! 
                                                Dancers hanging with Tabitha and Napoleon                  One-on-One with Sonya Tayeh and Melody

Towards the end of the week, the dancers film their first DancePlug Demo, and work with the director and videographer to create an HD video that shows off their best skills!  Check out their individual DancePlug sessions!  Thank you Anh for being so informative and accommodating!!  Lastly, Exposure L.A. would not be the same without a high intensity show to end the week...Monsters of Hip Hop presents "The Monsters Way," at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, a dance production with a crazy cast and choreographers.  Awe-inspiring!
                           Dressed to Impress                        Monsters of Hip Hop 2012:  "The Monsters Way"                   On Set w/Cast Member and Friend/Peer Marti Weinstein

Evelyn Rice and Lauren Garner

June 2013

EXPOSURE CHICAGO- SERIES 2- Updating Head Shots!  Thanks to Cheryl Mann, these performing artists were able to pose, select, and help edit the images they preferred for their new portfolios.

May 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to Exposure L.A. Summer 2012 Participants!!

March 2012

LASALLE LANGUAGE ACADEMY- a Chicago Public School in Old Town invited The Exposure Movement inside for a day, to perform and teach a fun series of workshops, exploring the art of dance!  We loved being able to share our passion with the entire school, and young artists in the rising.  Thank you to Julie Nakagawa for having us!  Assistants for this XPOZ project:  Jennifer Affrunti, Nikki Friedman, Sarah Melamed, and Keva Walker.

STAGE FACTOR- teams up with Exposure Movement earlier this month to create a Flash Mob for KMS California in the 2012 America's Beauty Show at McCormick Place, downtown Chicago.  Tremendous success, and with over 100 participants!!  Check it out!


America's Beauty Show is one of the largest US trade shows for beauty industry professionals, with more than 55,000 attendees.
The Flash Mobsters stood and sat with the public, awaiting the opening of the convention early that morning. 
They surprised everyone, mobbing the crowd with a colorful dance show, introducing the KMS presentation.


February 2012

WAY TO GO Saint Thomas Aquinas!! Congratulations for placing 5th in Nationals at UDA finals in Orlando, Florida!!
  Check them out at!

ESPN2 broadcasts St. Thomas Aquinas performing at the Walt Disney World Resort.
Choreography, Staging & Formations, Music-Mixing, and Styling techniques provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc.

January 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to Southeastern Louisiana University for getting 3rd place at UDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida!!  Watch the footage on!.  Congrats also goes out to Ole Miss! 

Southeastern Louisiana University proudly hold their 3rd place National trophy!
Choreography, Staging & Formations, Music-Mixing, and Styling techniques provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc.

September 2011

EXPOSURE MOVEMENT FLIES out to New Orleans to set pieces and teach Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballet technique workshops for the surrounding area.  Some of the attendees were Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Mississippi, and Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Way to work Ladies!!

August 1, 2011 - August 6, 2011

ANOTHER EVENTFUL TRIP TO LOS ANGELES!  Even more talent and more passion than in a historical Hollywood Hills home for a week, can't top that!

This year, the dancers come out and learn from a variety of different teachers as usual, but then they also experience a couple of add-on features this time around.  One being, a private workshop with the one and only, Chris Jacobsen, who drives down one early morning to teach them at Debbie Reynold's studio!  From Edge Performing Arts Center, Millennium, Debbie Reynold's, and yet now another dance environment, in the space of Movement Lifestyle...the girls' schedule is packed with the best of the best choreographers.  Tony Czar teaches to "Dance," by Big Sean, the hit song of the summer and one of the girls' favs, then onto Nick DeMoura, and the precision and techniques of Matt Cady and Kyle Hanagami, to name just a few.

At the end of this week, one of the best Monsters of Hip Hop shows yet!  Danceplug presents "Full Circle," at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, a dance production with a crazy cast and choreographers.  Speechless and more Speechless, every year!  Check it out!


        Laura Edwards posing with the ladies.           Chris Jacobsen teaches a private workshop.         With Kevin Maher @ MOHH "Full Circle."         

July 2011

SUMMER JAM 2011 at the Chicago Theater, hosted by Power 92s DJ Pharris, The Hot Boyz & DJ Sean Mac.  The dancers were asked to perform as the Opening Act, by Sam Brown from Global Event Marketing and Yung Fly, after being seen at the Benefit Concert, on June 9th.

                                  Chicago Theater                                                                Dancers rehearse during sound check.
                                                                                                Choreography and Staging provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc.     

CNADM 2011- Chicago National Association of Dance Masters hosted student summer workshops and teacher convention, July 22-25.  The event was held at the Double Tree Hotel, in Oakbrook Illinois, and it was amazing!!  Evelyn Rice, hip hop choreographer and educator, taught and judged at this event.  So many gifted students and faculty, and so great to be a part of something that helps create positive messages and educates in all dance forms.  Thank You!

June 2011

EXPOSURE CHICAGO- 3-DAY EVENT was a tremendous success!  Check out some of the Exposure Chicago- Series 1 footage!
The participants learned a lot of information about being a successful performing artist in the world of Arts & Entertainment.  Versatility is the key. Keep a lookout for the next Exposure Chicago Series!  Each project will be a little different from the next, but have some of the same elements. 

Photos provided by Cheryl Mann Photography. 
Hair and Makeup by Ruege, Inc.

LAUNCHING our 1st series of many more to come...Exposure Chicago!!  Only 10 spots available. 
Apply online now!

Flyer and Poster design by Moonhouse Productions.

THE BENEFIT CONCERT AND MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE OF "We Don't Back Down."  Dupee Productions and all of Level Next Music's artists attended, featuring Endiskize, performances by Taylor Mallory and Jami Singer.  Shonie Wells and Paris were En da Building as well!  Concert was held at The Alley, in Highwood, IL.  "Straight Raw" dancers opened up the night, T-shirts, Raffles, Bowling, passed hors d'oeuvres...all supporting a very good cause...Clothes4Souls and Soles4Souls


Choreography, Styling techniques, Accessories, and Wardrobe
provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc. for some of the performing artists.

May 2011

BOOKING THE BEYONCE GIG!!!!  Auditions were on May 14-15th in Chicago, at Hubbard Street Dance Center.  After a long weekend of strutting and working those heels, a carefully selected number of talented women were chosen to perform on Oprah Winfrey's "Farewell Spectacular" show!!  Rehearsal on Monday, then straight to the stage for performance and taping on Tuesday at the United Center! 

Tune in on Monday, May 23rd, ABC (ch. 7) at 9am and 11pm CST.  The Girls Run the World HERE!

Watch Jennifer Affrunti, Dani Parmacek, Nkki Friedman, Mari Weiss, Naomi David, Heather Smith, Dominique Cook, and Regina Taylor take the stage and perform LIVE with Beyonce!!  Amazing job ladies!!  Other celebrities in attendance included:  Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Dakota Fanning, Tom Hanks, and many more!!


April 2011

Exposure L.A. Summer 2011 Participants!!

March 2011

LEVEL NEXT LABELMATES, Taylor Mallory and Jami Singer set their poses for an upcoming album release!  The photo shoot project ran so successfully from beginning to end, and the entire process was extremely fun!  Shout-out to the Glam-Pak and Dupee Productions: "Job well done!! Loved working with you guys."

Photography by Moonhouse Productions. Make-up and Hair by Crizen Hasegawa.
Styling and Movement Coaching by The Exposure Movement
, Inc.

February 2011

WAY TO GO Saint Thomas Aquinas!! Congratulations for placing 4th in Nationals at UDA finals in Orlando, Florida!!  Check them out at!

Choreography, Staging & Formations, Music-Mixing, and Styling techniques provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc.

January 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to Southeastern Louisiana University for getting 5th place at UDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida!!  [Choreography, Staging & Formations, Music-Mixing, and Styling techniques provided by The Exposure Movement, Inc.]  Watch the footage on!

October 2010

DANCE CHICAGO selected Lauren Garner's "Lux Aeterna," to showcase in the Young Voices category.

August 3, 2010 - August 8, 2010

ONE OF THE BEST TRIPS YET!  So much talent and so much passion...with no perfect words to describe all the images in our heads, the only quick comment that comes to mind is that it's been completely Raw and Uncut.

Stepping off the plane and right into the studios with Laura Edwards, Tony Czar, and Jobaris for one day at Debbie Reynold's studio, then onto the next one as David Moore teaches to a Chris Brown oldie, "I love you."  Getting to take class right alongside Tucker Barkley as Ian Eastwood subs a class at Millennium, then bumping into a couple people from SYTYCD as the choreography changes direction in Lashaun's class.  An unexpected gift as DJ Guthrie's name is put on the list at the Edge to teach a class, and it ends up being one of the most dynamic pieces of the week.  Rushing into class to Krump with Miss Prissy, and Paige Niebling is pulled out to battle the best.  Definitely not overlooking being able to still take from the longtime favs:  Joaquin Escamilla, Leslie Scott, Denise Leitner, Rei Aoo, Eddie Garcia, Yusuf Nasir, and Andre Fuentes, just to name a few. 

Best of all, what a way to end the week by watching the unearthly and most-inspiring duo ever to set a hip hop piece on stage, as Tabitha and Napoleon direct the best Monsters Show yet..."I'm A Monster."  Yes...Raw and Uncut.

The Monsters Show 2010:  El Portal Theatre

June 2010

CONGRATULATIONS to Exposure L.A. 2010 Invitees!!

May 21, 2010

HYPE has been the premier dance competition in Chicago since 2005 with their campaign to Save Darfur.  HYPE combines the rich pool of creative, artistic, and organizational talent along with the fresh and urban presence of young adults at DePaul University.

Special Guest Performance by Endiskize as they sang "We Don't Back Down" live after intermission to start off the second half of the show! The Exposure Movement provided the back-up dancers and choreography for this event.

April 16, 2010

WGN-TV NEWS came to interview and shoot the behind-the-scenes action of music video "We Don't Back Down," by Endiskize.  Music video was filmed at Deerfield High School.

Both Emmy award-winning anchor Ana Belaval and producer Terry Barthel were on the premises and announced The Exposure Movement's first television pub, as presenting the choreography, which was set on the featured dancers in the music video.  Ana stood by and learned some of the choreography and performed a little of the piece during one of the live commercial hits on April 27, 2010.  She's a quick learner! Nice job!!

Thank you guys for coming out and showing support!

WGN-TV news anchor, Ana Belaval, poses with featured dancers on the set of "We Don't Back Down."