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Find out soon about our upcoming 6-day
Exposure L.A. Summer Projects!

What an amazing opportunity?! Includes nonstop roundtrip airfare from O'hare, transportation via rent-a-cars to and from locations, 20-25 classes at top L.A. studios...

Find out soon about our upcoming 4-day Exposure NYC!

Coming Soon...
Exposure Chicago

Join us this summer for a exclusively educating tour and hands-on experience in several different fields of performing arts in Chicago...
The Exposure Movement, Inc. is an artist development company that syncs multimedia with performing arts.

The Exposure Movement provides as a vehicle to many avenues of the arts & entertainment industry.  Exposing artists to worldwide opportunity!   We customize educational projects that give hands-on experience and insight through a performer’s way of life.

We have inside access to expose the aspiring young dancer, singer, photographer, artist, and actor to the elements both on-scene and behind-the-scene action. Read more info...

Read and view our past, present, and upcoming projects here.

Find out more about our upcoming projects!!  Click here to inquire now.


Behind the scenes with Endiskize <en da skys>:
 "We Don't Back Down" music video